MG Ellington (xjenavivex) wrote in darkauthors,
MG Ellington

Destination Future Reviewed

Destination Future is a strong, entertaining 300+ page anthology. It whisks us away as we read, has us fighting for our lives, longing for love and a place to belong, communicating with rainbows, and exploring even our own human experience with a different perspective. If you are a fan of hard science fiction, you are well-covered. If you are not, like me, so well versed in science fiction, you will find plenty here to enjoy just the same. It is a beautiful, at times tragic, often thrilling, and even uplifting anthology.

You can read my complete review on my LJ here:

I am posting this review summary and link to my complete review here because one of the creepiest stories in this anthology belongs to another member in this community, kmarkhoover .
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