MG Ellington (xjenavivex) wrote in darkauthors,
MG Ellington

Tell me about your year

I remember when I joined this community ages ago. I was just figuring out that I wanted to be a writer, that I was a writer. I still had more college classes to finish and had planned to wrap up my degree before making a good go of it. I've taken some steps since then. I've had several non-fiction publications, sold a poem and a flash fiction piece. I circulate several stories from slush to slush hoping they will find a home.

I miss the discussion that used to take place here. I've posted some reviews here and I know a couple of other folks have too, but I don't see much else in the way of traffic.So tell me...How are things going for you? What has the year been like in your writing life? Have you read any good books this year? What are you working on?
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